Ninjaman had a heart attack, according to doctors.

Ninja Man Ninja Man

It turned out that dancehall start, Ninjaman, did suffer a heart attack when he complained of chest pain and difficulty breathing during his murder trial last week.

Doctors at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) originally thought that Ninjaman’s illness was symptoms of the high stress caused by the trial.  However, after he was moved to an undisclosed hospital, an echocardiogram (ECG) was performed and showed that the Don Gorgon suffered a mild heart attack.

More tests are being performed at the hospital and doctors plan on giving out an a final report today (Stay tuned to 18 Karat Reggae for the final report).

Ninjaman whose real name is Desmond Ballentyne is on trial for a 2009 murder.   He has given permission to his attorney for the trial to continue even while he is hospitalized.  The trial is being carried out in private.