Reggae is coming to Wall Street.

In 1976 Bob Marley sung “Reggae is on Broadway”, now thanks to Morgan Heritage, in 2017 reggae will be on Wall Street.

The seeds of Denroy Morgan and Reggae Grammy Award winners, Morgan Heritage, will be performing at the New York Stock Exchange’s (NYPSE) annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Mojo Morgan, one of the members of the group told 18 Karat Reggae that fans can expect to receive an entertaining set as they add some reggae vibes to the New York City Christmas.

“Any opportunity we get to showcase Jamaican culture, bringing a positive message to thousands of people, we’re all for it. In a time where people are afraid to get together in large public gatherings because of fear, anytime we get to say ‘hey this is positive, let’s come together and share love’, we’re all for it,” Mojo Morgan said.

Mojo does not believe that they being born in New York City has anything to do with them being the only reggae performers at this year’s event, rather he credits all the hard work the group has put in for the invitation.

“We have had a lot of momentum in New York this year. Our father received the Key to the City of Brooklyn this year. I would like to believe that the event organizers saw the work that we’ve been doing and someone put us on their radar. They obviously thought it was a good fit to have us, and in a few weeks we’ll be out there in front of a few thousand people. It’s going to be a reggae Christmas.”

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