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Shawn Ice Eyes

Dancehall Artist Shawn Ice Eyes Success with New Music and Tour.

When it comes to Dancehall music, Shawn Ice is one of it’s toughest and freshest acts. In fact, his fast rising popularity recently prompted him to adopt the nickname “NEW FACE” (of Dancehall), also the name of his tour, which kicked off at the end of March in New York. Between touring and new music projects, the young artist, who current resides in the Nation’s Capital,  finds himself knocking on success’s door. With the NEW FACE Tour and red-hot new music on the road already making a noticeable impact, music lovers and fans are billing Shawn Ice as the NEXT big thing. And although remarkably humble, this time around Shawn Ice couldn’t agree more.

As you read this, you might have already caught yourself either “wheeling up” or dropping “lick shots” to Shawn Ice‘s “Chedda,” which had already garnered a buzz ahead of it’s 04/20 release. The vicious single, an ode to the currency that makes the world go ’round, features Shawn Ice‘s quick fire and clever lyrical delivery over the ridiculously compelling “Gold Chain” riddim from SG Records. “Chedda,” which many have described as a “banger” — is already being touted by DJs and recently landed on Jamaica’s popular ZIP FM radio station. It’s clear that “Chedda” will make major waves.

“I feel like I have truly grown as an artist,” says Shawn Ice. “My new music reflects my growth. I am making universal music that the masses can gravitate to. I want people to feel good, motivated and uplifted when they hear my tunes dem….. based on the feedback, I think my strategy is working.”

Other Shawn Ice releases that have been blazing a trail in 2018 include “Okkkk Now” and “So Addicted.” While Shawn Ice boasts a signature sound, he showcases his diversity on every song he drops. Both of these tunes are winning over fans and radio. And according to Shawn Ice, when “Bad Brattt” with Germaica, a popular German label drops, the vibes will completely wow music lovers and carry him into quite the summer. Additionally, Shawn Ice is readying for a highly anticipated single with music collaborator, Reggae artist Ras Slick and a forthcoming EP titled “FRIDAY” — which will be produced by Big League Music and feature a wicked ensemble of Dancehall and Afrobeats music.

As if Shawn Ice couldn’t get busier, the Dancehall artist also recently launched his boutique 3rdazzz Entertainment label. His first act, who you will be spotting in the very near future on some bangers, goes by the name of Trilugy. Shawn aims to thrive in the business of music in it’s entirety and believes in carrying talented youth with him on his ascent. Much to his credit, Shawn Ice‘s peers continually salute his selfless efforts.

To date, Shawn Ice‘s music has been heard on popular stations like Irie FM (Jamaica), Ablazin’ Radio, Hot 97 (New York, New York), WKYS (Washington, D.C.), Future FM (New York, New York), Sound Chat Radio and a host of international stations in Guyana, England, Germany, Gambia, Uganda and Nigeria. Shawn Ice‘s NEW FACE Tour consists of over a dozen dates including performances through out the U.S. and in Guyana. Much to Shawn Ice‘s credit, a number of high profile dates are being added to the NEW FACE Tour in the coming weeks. As Shawn Ice has either opened or shared stages with the who’s who of Reggae and Dancehall, there is no doubt that the artist will deliver memorable and entertaining performances.

24 Karat Reggae

18 Karat Reggae now creates videos as part of promotion package.

18 Karat Reggae, the sister website of 24 Karat Reggae and also the leader in promotion of dancehall and reggae music is now adding video creation to their promotion package.

For artists who want to promote their music but only have audio, there is no need to worry. For 100USD, 18 Karat Reggae will create a video for the audio and then promote the video.

18 Karat Reggae has always offered a more effective promotion package both in cost and visibility over other promoters like the Jamaican Star and the Jamaican Observer. Those publications charge hundreds of dollars while 18 Karat Reggae only charge 50USD. Both and are more popular than the online Star and Observer when it comes to entertainment.

Before now only the 50USD was available but after noticing that a lot of upcoming artists did not afford videos, 18 Karat Reggae decided to add that service to their package for an addition 50USD fee, for a total of 100 USD.

Below is a video 18 Karat Reggae recently created for Reggae artist <a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Hosny Bronx</a>.


“We take pride in promoting music so when an artist did not have a video and we had to turn them away we felt like we were not living up to our name,” says Ivan Brown the vice president of 18 Karat Reggae.

“With this new service we can honestly say that we are offering a 360 degree of promotion to musicians, producers and promoters.

To promote with 18 Karat Reggae, send them a message on their Facebook page: <a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>18 Karat Reggae</a>.


Khago Rides Again.

The man responsible for one of the hottest dancehall classics of all time, Nah Sell Out, is riding high once again.

Khago was once riding so high that many in the dancehall circle even gave him a victory over Sizzla in a lyrical feud that the two had.  Something happened and Khago fell off his high horse and subsequently off of dancehall’s rador.

Now the Caan Cool singer is back and he is back in a big way, riding high on the billboard reggae chart.

The sinjay’s firsl album, Walk a mile, makes it debuts at number 5 on the Billboard Reggae Chart.

The album features songs such as Let Me Love You, Stronger, Die for Your Love, Why You Walking Out and Born to Win.

Khago’s album is ahead of Chronixx’s Chronology, which is sitting at number nine.

According to Khago, his album would have been number one on the chart if other artistes were not buying their own music in order to climb the chart.


Yanni Cassanova

Yanni Cassanova releases single off of upcoming album “ The GALBUM“.

The raunchy melodic tune called “Position From Back “ features a new style we have never seen from the self proclaimed Nostra Don. Produced by Zakariyah of Montreal whom is accredited for work on Vybz Kartel’s “Hmm Hmm” gives a much needed ambiance with hypnotizing keys.

“The ladies come first never last for me” The Nostra Don states. “My Nostra gals inspire every lyric every melody and every verse”.

Yanni Cassanova has much in store for 2018, slated to drop a joint album with fellow Cosa Nostra affiliate RedRock “ as well as his highly anticipated “Galbum”.


Princess Kazayah is troddin’ over hills and valleys to get to you.

With life giving harmonies and catchy potent lyrics, Kazayah delivers with a ‘new flavor’ one of her most loved tunes from her debut mixtape project entitled “Troddin: The DubTape” (2014). Kazayah and Wadadah renovated this tune to a new found mystical heights with an integration of the foundation dub-reggae sound & spiritual teachings all obtained along the way of her musical journey.

Chanting lyrics of redemption, both spiritual and physical, Kazayah taps into the realm of divine meditation focused on getting through all of life’s ups & downs which are metaphorically expressed by the lyrics “troddin’ over hills and valleys . . . anything to get to you . . .”  Inspired by Augustus Pablo from the time of her mixtape, Kazayah & Wadadah sought to team up with Addis Pablo, the son of Augustus Pablo, for this single. Playing Melodica as his father did, he adds a great spice to this tune, not to mention his own melodica version on the B-side, which is mystical in essence. Keeping the dub elements present Wadadah II, co-producer of this track, added a dub-version to this maxi-single by giving it that ‘final touch’ it needed for a holistic release.

Kazayah originally born in the United States of America of two Jamaican parents has always been exposed to Reggae music. Whilst growing up in the church, she honed and cultivated her vocal talent. After teaming up with Wadadah II of D.O.V.E. Muzik, she then explored and deepened her love of music by becoming a recording artist. Starting with her debut release “Troddin: The DubTape” (2014). She then went on to release a remix of Alton Ellis’ song named I’m Still In Love in which she dubbed “I’m Still In Love With You Jah” (2016). Following that release came the collaboration with one of Jamaica’s number one book merchants, I-Nation, with a song entitled “I-Nation Feeds The Nation” (2016). Kazayah’s song “You Can Do It,” was released on D.O.V.E. Muzik’s compilation riddim-album featuring various artists entitled, Chimurenga: The People’s Struggle” (2016). Kazayah later went on to remix “You Can Do It” with recording artist Warrior King in the year 2017 accompanied by a music video. Most recently Kazayah released a single entitled, “Armageddon” (2017), with Lion Twins from Trinidad & Tobago.

Working hard in the live arena has provided Kazayah the opportunity to perform in various places such as Jamaica, Mexico, Belize, Canada, Washington D.C., California, Minnesota & in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Opening for Warrior King, Sizzla and Turbulence in Chicago, IL most recently in the year 2016 & 2017. Also in 2016 Kazayah performed with Sgt. Remo, Hermandad Rasta, Ras Levy, Ras Tari Minajah, Leona De Etiopia and ManuDread in Mexico City, Mexico. In the year 2015 she performed alongside Jamaican Reggae artists such as Chuck Fender, Micah Shemaiah, Exile Di Brave, Keida, Mr. Williamz, Cali P, Kelissa Anbessa, The Uprising Roots Band, Pentateuch, Suns of Dub, Iziniga IION, Rastafari Indigenous Village and Everton Blender.

The Single-Maxi release “Troddin’” is the first of a set of singles to be released from Kazayah’s upcoming EP set to release in 2018.

Hosny Bronx

HOSNY BRONX is in a new moment.

HOSNY BRONX brings us a new very powerful production, the original version of “Free
Child” mixed and mastered in Jamaica, which will be in his new album “New Moment”.

The tone is given from the first notes: dancing, very rhythmical with many spirit and a good
vibe. He gives us a pure, traditional, authentic and modern reggae music, with all the tones
and all the substances of Roots. His music is sincere. His roots lives in him. single/1328727399

The two singles “Free Child” and “Dance has has Lion”; are available on-line on all the


The release of the new album of Hosny Bronx is planned in January, 2018, we look forward!
This artist is really incredible, he composes his music, writes his lyrics, plays himself
instruments in recording studio, sings and makes his own backing vocals.

HOSNY BRONX is the real international revelation. To discover immediately!
For all Information, check out :


24 Karat Reggae

Stepping Out Of Babylon.

Of course we can write about flowers and bees, and birds and trees, and lovers in the park and all these things. But what the use you gonna write about these things, when if you sit down late in the park at night, man come and shoot you and take your woman and rape her. What the use you gonna write about flowers when air pollution wither them up. Right now the reality out there different. We have to write about Africa, the youths in the ghettos, we have to write about modern day imperialism.

With that said, check out the below lyrics by the great Jango Fresh. If you have not heard his music, you should definitely check him out.

Death is a force of nature just like lightning
The righteous face it everyday and pass it by,
but those with evil in their hearts fear it.

These ghetto youths them a live cockily
Tell Babylon get the fuck off our property
Money a mek now so dem a keep track a we
So we burn them with a psalm from the Maccabee
Some saying this and saying that but that no matter me
Not even my wife don’t have a chance to come on top of me
Well any top a guone a mi a de pon top a di
I am the sun I shine and burn them properly

Where were you when the worms were marching in my stomach
Where were you when I was on my face trying to come up
Now I march and reach the top I see the whole a them a run up
Who not coming with their hands out they putting their gun up
I check the system and find out they are corrupt
I find out there is pure evil moving among us
They wonder how I am so patient and how I know so much
I get my patience from roasting the breadfruit and no mek it bun up

Babylon, I smoke the weed till my eyes get blood up
Babylon, I smoke the weed till my lips get numb up
Babylon you little fly you can’t come bug us
If you trespass on our property you blood up

I tell the youths; look, listen and learn
Don’t get caught up in Babylon’s world
Babylon’s problem is not my concern
Words from the wise make the wicked heart burn
I tell the youths; look, listen and learn
In these times you got to be firm
You can’t live for just today, life is a long term
I work towards respect and love is what I learn

Don’t matter what, don’t swallow your pride and your dignity
Don’t be afraid to be smart, burn their stupidity
Don’t be a part of their evil activity
Look how long they have us down in captivity
But Jah give I the strength and the ability
I know my levels so I burn down their cemetery
Life we promote cause it’s all about livity
Babylon can’t perplex my tranquility

These ghetto youths are filled with dedication
We only need to firm up our meditation
We taking over using determination
Been through so much frustration
It became an inspiration
I plant the burning Bush on my plantation
I smoke the burning bush and it help me stay strong
The same burning bush gave Moses higher elevation
Introduce him to himself let him know he is a great man
You find the burning bush in many location
The burning bush tell me that george bush is satan
Stay far from him, me and him cold never shake hand
Am an African for life and a temporary Jamaican

Download Jango Fresh and other great reggae songs here from the 18 Karat Reggae series: