Dancehall Star, Chunk Star Spibaz, takes Jamaicans down memory lane with ‘Classmates’.

Every adult has fun and fond memories of their school days.  Some remember their favorite subjects, some remember their favorite classes but everyone remember their classmates.

Classmates are who Chunk Star Spibaz is talking about in a song by the same title that is taking Jamaica by storm.

The song touch on topic from teachers giving children a beating for not knowing their times table to boys writing love letters to the girls way before the cellphone came along.

Classmates is a song that most listeners are able to relate to every sing line, like when Chunk Star Spibaz sings:

When we fight over foolishness and we turn back best friends… mi affi memba
When wi turn the classroom in a stage show dance with the girl dem… mi affi memba

The song is laced with great school memories from start to finish.  Sadly, it also reflects on the current situation in Jamaica where the rampant violence is affecting so many young people. As young as Chunk Star is, some of his classmates have already lost their lives and he also puts that in his lyrics.


With so many songs about violence and sex flooding the dancehalls, clubs, street dances, buses and taxis, Classmates is a refreshing, fun and joyful break from the madness.

According to Chunk Star Spibaz, there are a lot more hit songs where Classmates came from so be on the lookout for this fast rising dancehall star.

18 Karat Reggae listed Chunk Star Spibaz as the top young dancehall artist to lookout for in 2018.

You can purchase Classmates on iTunes or listen Classmates on Spotify.


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