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Shawn Ice Eyes

Dancehall Artist Shawn Ice Eyes Success with New Music and Tour.

When it comes to Dancehall music, Shawn Ice is one of it’s toughest and freshest acts. In fact, his fast rising popularity recently prompted him to adopt the nickname “NEW FACE” (of Dancehall), also the name of his tour, which kicked off at the end of March in New York. Between touring and new music projects, the young artist, who current resides in the Nation’s Capital,  finds himself knocking on success’s door. With the NEW FACE Tour and red-hot new music on the road already making a noticeable impact, music lovers and fans are billing Shawn Ice as the NEXT big thing. And although remarkably humble, this time around Shawn Ice couldn’t agree more.

As you read this, you might have already caught yourself either “wheeling up” or dropping “lick shots” to Shawn Ice‘s “Chedda,” which had already garnered a buzz ahead of it’s 04/20 release. The vicious single, an ode to the currency that makes the world go ’round, features Shawn Ice‘s quick fire and clever lyrical delivery over the ridiculously compelling “Gold Chain” riddim from SG Records. “Chedda,” which many have described as a “banger” — is already being touted by DJs and recently landed on Jamaica’s popular ZIP FM radio station. It’s clear that “Chedda” will make major waves.

“I feel like I have truly grown as an artist,” says Shawn Ice. “My new music reflects my growth. I am making universal music that the masses can gravitate to. I want people to feel good, motivated and uplifted when they hear my tunes dem….. based on the feedback, I think my strategy is working.”

Other Shawn Ice releases that have been blazing a trail in 2018 include “Okkkk Now” and “So Addicted.” While Shawn Ice boasts a signature sound, he showcases his diversity on every song he drops. Both of these tunes are winning over fans and radio. And according to Shawn Ice, when “Bad Brattt” with Germaica, a popular German label drops, the vibes will completely wow music lovers and carry him into quite the summer. Additionally, Shawn Ice is readying for a highly anticipated single with music collaborator, Reggae artist Ras Slick and a forthcoming EP titled “FRIDAY” — which will be produced by Big League Music and feature a wicked ensemble of Dancehall and Afrobeats music.

As if Shawn Ice couldn’t get busier, the Dancehall artist also recently launched his boutique 3rdazzz Entertainment label. His first act, who you will be spotting in the very near future on some bangers, goes by the name of Trilugy. Shawn aims to thrive in the business of music in it’s entirety and believes in carrying talented youth with him on his ascent. Much to his credit, Shawn Ice‘s peers continually salute his selfless efforts.

To date, Shawn Ice‘s music has been heard on popular stations like Irie FM (Jamaica), Ablazin’ Radio, Hot 97 (New York, New York), WKYS (Washington, D.C.), Future FM (New York, New York), Sound Chat Radio and a host of international stations in Guyana, England, Germany, Gambia, Uganda and Nigeria. Shawn Ice‘s NEW FACE Tour consists of over a dozen dates including performances through out the U.S. and in Guyana. Much to Shawn Ice‘s credit, a number of high profile dates are being added to the NEW FACE Tour in the coming weeks. As Shawn Ice has either opened or shared stages with the who’s who of Reggae and Dancehall, there is no doubt that the artist will deliver memorable and entertaining performances.

Irish and Chin soundclash

First Ever Caribbean Rumble Sound Clash Hits High Note in Antigua.

The first ever Caribbean Rumble went out with a bang just as dawn approached on the beautiful island of Antigua on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. The premiere sound clash event, produced by Irish and Chin and King of the Vybz 92.8 FM, converted Sir Vivian Richards Stadium into an intriguing musical war — which saw Antigua’s own 3 Sevens Sound as the winner. Thousands of sound clash fans converged to cheer on the upcoming Caribbean sound systems, vying for a chance to become the Caribbean’s official sound clash champ and slot on the World Clash stage.

“I believe that Caribbean Rumble is the ideal addition to the Rumble Series brand,” says promoter Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin. “The Caribbean plays a vital role in sound clash, so showcasing some of their most talented sound systems was critical. I truly enjoyed the whole clash…but I have to admit…it was the mystery round that really sparked a buzz for me, as sounds had no choice but to be innovative and quick on their feet with tunes from whatever genre they picked (singers, God Bless, ganja man, etc).”

Caribbean Rumble is the newest clash in Irish and Chin’s Rumble Series. Designed to convene and identify rising selectors and sound system stars in the arena, the Rumble Series has evolved into an effective platform of producing international sound champions. Established in 2016 by Irish and Chin, the Rumble Series consists of 6 clashes in 6 countries, which serve as the preliminary/feeder clashes for the renowned World Clash, which is celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary through out 2018.

Following the recently concluded Canada Rumble (Mystic Sound) and Caribbean Rumble (3 Sevens Sound) are the U.S. Rumble (May 5, 2018), Japan Rumble (June 9), Euro Rumble (June 23) and U.K. Rumble (tbd) sound clashes. All Rumble Series champions will meet on the World Clash stage in October 2018, where they will face defending champion King Turbo.

Caribbean sound systems including Taurus (Trinidad and Tobago), King Animosity (Virgin Islands), Poison Dart (Antigua), OGS Genesis (Bermuda), Dub Star(Montserrat) Code Red (Jamaica) and champion sound 3 Sevens were the main ingredients of the wildly successful Caribbean Rumble. Thousands of Antiguans and international pay per view fans were afforded an authentic taste of competitive sound system entertainment. By all accounts, the inaugural Caribbean Rumble was nothing short of a musically charged spectacular.

The winning 3 Sevens Sound was launched in 1992 in the village of English Harbour, Antigua. Played by MC Panther (Handel Bailey) and Selector Federal (Okharie Barnes) at Caribbean Rumble, 3 Sevens proved why they are one of Antigua’s most feared sounds upon defeating Code Red in the final rapid fire aka “tune fi tune” round. “This is the biggest victory of our career! Winning the first Caribbean Rumble is a huge accomplishment for our sound, so we are naturally excited,” says 3 Sevens Sound member Jeron “Booby” Samuel.

Irish and Chin is at the forefront of international sound clash promotions. They have dedicated a 20+ year career to the preservation of sound clash, the rich music art form and culture, which originated in Jamaica. While World Clash has done a phenomenal job of showcasing the talent of sound systems from around the globe while raising the bar for sound clash entertainment, the conception of the Rumble Series was vital to keep the sport young, fresh and active.


World Clash 2018

The Famed World Clash Turns 20.

Sound clash’s premiere competition is celebrating 20 years at the top! The flagship Irish and Chin event has thrived as the super bowl of sound clash, exposing a vibrant element of Jamaican music and culture to audiences across the world since it’s launch in 1998.
Starting with humble beginnings as a platform to revive New York’s fading clash scene, the epic event grew in demand and catapulted to maximum visibility, scoring clashes in Jamaica, Canada and Antigua. Grabbing the attention of clash fans and dancehall lovers world wide, World Clash continues to make an indelible mark on the masses.
Much to it’s credit, World Clash has featured most, if not all, of the industry’s biggest names in sound clash. The coveted event’s popularity amongst talent and fans, clout and international dominance has certified the World Clash title as the most valuable award in sound clash history — even bigger than that of corporate staged clashes of late.
Rivaling World Clash’s historical line ups are the impressive cohort of artists and radio personalities that have hosted the renowned clash. Whether it’s artists like Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Ninja Man and Elephant Man or the event’s producer Chin and radio personalities Jabba, Ragashanti, Squeeze or Dub Master, World Clash has always captivated the attention of massive audiences.
Reigning as the world’s most revered sound clash, World Clash has been featured in publications like New York Daily News, Rolling Out Magazine, Billboard, Time Out New York, 18 Karat Reggae, The Voice, BBC 1xtra, Vision Newspaper, The Gleaner, Blaze Magazine and scores of reputable international media outlets. In the midst of changing times, World Clash has solidified it’s brand, reinventing the format of the competition and presenting new and fresh talent.
At 20, the famed World Clash shows no signs of slowing down. As you read this, preliminary Rumble Series clashes are being staged around the globe in search of worthy contenders for the 20th Anniversary edition. Follow us on the exciting “Road to World Clash 20” by logging on to
Chronixx and Damian Marley

Who should win the 2018 Reggae Grammy Award?

There is a lot of talk in the Reggae community about who will win the next Reggae Grammy Award.  The nominations are out and right now, with no disrespect to any of the other nominees, it is pretty safe to say that either Chronixx or Damian “Junior Gong” Marley will walk away with the award.

In the past, when a Marley was in the running, they were pretty much guaranteed to win whether their album was savage, average or garbage.  Thanks to veteran Freddie McGregor who stoop up and spoke out when no one else would, we might be seeing some changes in the future where the best reggae album will actually win.

18 Karat Reggae has opened a poll to see who reggae fans all over the world believe should win the 2018 Reggae Grammy Award.  Please take the poll and let us know who you think should win.

We will keep you up to date with the poll and see if the winner the people choose is actually who wins the Grammy. Check back daily to see who is winning.


Grammys 2018: See the list of Reggae nominees.

The 2018 Reggae Grammy nominations are out.

Leading the list of Reggae nominees is the leader of the reggae revival movement, Chronixx.

What is a Reggae Grammy nomination without a Marley.  For 2018, it will be Damian “Junior Gong” Marley who will represent the Marley family.

If the Grammys was based on talent, Chronixx would be the clear favorite to win the 2018 Reggae Grammy with his Chronology album.  Judging from the past, however, the winner will most like be Damian Marley with his Stony Hill nomination.

To round out the 2018 Reggae Grammy nominees are J Boog, Morgan Heritage and Common Kings.

See all 5 nominees below:


Chronixx – Chronology
Common Kings – Lost In Paradise
J Boog – Wash House Ting
Damian Jr Gong Marley – Stony Hill
Morgan Heritage – Avrakedabra

The 2018 Reggae Grammy award ceremony will be broadcast on 18 Karat Reggae live.


Irish & Chin, Might Crown, Damian Marley

Mighty Crown Scores 3-Peat Victory at ‘Sound Clash at Sea’.

In the early morning of Friday, November 17, thousands of revelers experienced the exciting and entertaining art form of sound clash! First hand, the masses witnessed Mighty Crown nab their 3rd victory at “Sound Clash at Sea” — Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise’s official sound clash.
With “Sound Clash at Sea” quickly becoming one of the most anticipated events aboard the action packed Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise — it’s incredible buzz and overwhelming support are no surprise! By all means, the clash exceeded expectations, boldly showcasing the musically eclectic sound clash culture! Key players including Mighty Crown, David Rodigan, Tony Matterhorn and King Turbo magically upheld clash standards as they drew for awfully witty speeches, jokes, costume changes and dub specials cut just for the cruise!
David Rodigan’s speeches were primarily presented from a historical perspective. Combined with true sound boy killing dubs, classic and rare tunes, David Rodigan was declared a gem from early. In what has been billed as his first official clash in a few years, the “Rudeboy Gentleman” justified why he has staying power and can compete with the best of them. His generation transcending love and knowledge of the music, plus creative and often times funny commentary, will be forever etched in the minds of the thousands on deck for the clash. Fans and competing sounds alike found themselves between chuckling and taking notes during the famed UK selector’s set.
The 2016 and 2017 World Clash champs King Turbo came in extremely hard at “Sound Clash at Sea,” showcasing their authentic clash craft. In fact, dropping wicked and non-stop Chronixx, Freddie McGregor, Jr. Gong and big artist dubs from early yielded colossal forwards for the Canadian sound. Notably, King Turbo, who landed a coveted slot in “Sound Clash at Sea” due to their World Clash victory, left a lasting impression on the massive crowd.
Mighty Crown was a crowd favorite from the clash’s start with roars of laughter erupting as Sami T asked “Matterhorn, why are you even here?” Between Sami T’s hilarious speeches, which kept the audience in stitches, and penetrating dubs, “The Far East Rulaz” sizzled in rounds 1 and 2. Further, their counteractions to tunes played by King Turbo and Matterhorn gave them musical advantage. One thing for sure, the Mighty Crown and Tony Matterhorn rivalry, which first sparked in the 2016 clash, went full throttle at this year’s “Sound Clash at Sea” — giving way for some of the night’s most entertaining moments.
Tony Matterhorn has been a force in the sound system arena for two decades. Without question, time in the game worked in his favor. The crowd roared and gave some of the night’s biggest forwards to the skilled selector who took no shorts when it came to cussin’ Mighty Crown. Matterhorn chatted and unleashed knock out dubs that the crowd loved. With King Turbo and David Rodigan’s elimination in earlier rounds, the fiery selector once again secured his position in a “tune fi tune” against Mighty Crown, a flash back to 2016!
The “tune fi tune” was an incredible finale to the clash. The crowd held on to their seats as the explosive tunes erupted. Although Matterhorn was well received through out the clash, his steam ran out during the final stretch. Ultimately, Mighty Crown out shined Matterhorn 4-0 in the “tune fi tune,” scoring a 3-Peat victory of “Sound Clash at Sea.”
Much to Matterhorn’s credit, despite defeat, he had another stellar performance at “Sound Clash at Sea.” While the International Mighty Crown once again proved they are a renowned champion sound, sound clash again scored on the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise. The massive, diverse audience was treated to an authentic and fun taste of sound clash!
Watch Sound Clash video below:

Ninja Man and Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel vs. Ninjaman: Which one dancehall fans want to be freed the most.

Dancehall fans, as you know, Ninjaman is in court facing murder charges and Vybz Kartel is serving a life sentence for murder but awaiting his appeal in only 3 months.

So here is the deal, we are taking a poll to see which of the following dancehall fans would love to see if they can only have one or the other.  Please cast your vote and then share the poll on your social media.  The poll ends on Friday and we will share the result then.



18 Karat Reggae is also conducting a separate poll by email, join our email list if you want to be notified.