Who should win the 2018 Reggae Grammy Award?

There is a lot of talk in the Reggae community about who will win the next Reggae Grammy Award.  The nominations are out and right now, with no disrespect to any of the other nominees, it is pretty safe to say that either Chronixx or Damian “Junior Gong” Marley will walk away with the award.

In the past, when a Marley was in the running, they were pretty much guaranteed to win whether their album was savage, average or garbage.  Thanks to veteran Freddie McGregor who stoop up and spoke out when no one else would, we might be seeing some changes in the future where the best reggae album will actually win.

18 Karat Reggae has opened a poll to see who reggae fans all over the world believe should win the 2018 Reggae Grammy Award.  Please take the poll and let us know who you think should win.

We will keep you up to date with the poll and see if the winner the people choose is actually who wins the Grammy. Check back daily to see who is winning.

7 thoughts on “Who should win the 2018 Reggae Grammy Award?

  1. Where is the other artists,like beenieman,Sanchez,Cappleton,Berres,you got to be kidding me. There should be more artist up against Damian. Who the hell made these decisions? I spent over a thousand doll, on a cruise to see Berres. Why are they leaving these man out. I go to Canada, I go to the NYC to see Berres.I would not go see the Marleys. I have great respect for the Marleys because of Bob Marley,plus I am Jamaican.But I don’t think they should the Marleys up against these guys. That’s unfair.

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    1. Deborah. An artiste has to have a new album that has been released within the year for them to get a nomination. I would love Chronixx to win – I voted for him, but the ‘Stony Hill’ album is really good too.


  2. I would like Chronixx to win the Grammy award but tbh Damian Marley’s album (Stony Hill) is very good & has done very well internationally ,(it was top of the reggae bill board charts for many weeks) I expect Stony Hill to win over Chronology.

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