It’s a Marley party and no other reggae artist are invited.

The Marley family had a huge celebration to honor the 40th anniversary of the release of Bob Marley’s iconic album Exodus. The funny thing about this celebration, however, is that if you are a reggae artist and your last name is not Marley, you were not invited to perform on the show.

It is difficult to fathom why not one single reggae artist would not be invited even though an event like this could have done a lot for some of the emerging stars career.

Instead the all-star cast of performers included names like Jim James, Tom Morello, Gary Clark Jr, Citizen Cope, Aloe Blacc and Cyril Neville.

No one no exactly why the Marleys decided to shun reggae acts but some believe that it could have been a retaliation move by Ziggy Marley because of the criticisms he has gotten from the reggae community recently.

Recently Ziggy has faced staunch backlash for his support of apartheid Israel. Many in the reggae community including veteran and legend, Freddie McGregor, have spoken out about the many undeserved Grammy Awards that were given to Ziggy Marley.  Even though Ziggy cannot walk in the shadow of the true greats of reggae music, he has more Grammy Awards than all of them, including Beres Hammond and Sizzla Kalonji who both of zero awards.

Whatever the reason was, to have a concert honoring Bob Marley and not have any reggae or dancehall artists except for the Marleys, is a shameful disgrace.

The concert was sparked by the recent release of Exodus 40: The Movement Continues, which features lead vocal outtakes, ad-libs and more from Marley and the Wailers’ Exodus recording sessions.


One thought on “It’s a Marley party and no other reggae artist are invited.

  1. Marley boys need to Grow Up
    Dad us NOT proud of you….
    No One is proud of you
    Your killing Bob’s legacy just as #45 is trying to kill Obama’s.
    you are NOT ‘your father’s soldiers’ ….
    you are soft
    you are NOT CONSCIOUS ….
    you are blinded by GREED


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