HOSNY BRONX is in a new moment.

HOSNY BRONX brings us a new very powerful production, the original version of “Free
Child” mixed and mastered in Jamaica, which will be in his new album “New Moment”.

The tone is given from the first notes: dancing, very rhythmical with many spirit and a good
vibe. He gives us a pure, traditional, authentic and modern reggae music, with all the tones
and all the substances of Roots. His music is sincere. His roots lives in him.

https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/free-child- single/1328727399

The two singles “Free Child” and “Dance has has Lion”; are available on-line on all the


The release of the new album of Hosny Bronx is planned in January, 2018, we look forward!
This artist is really incredible, he composes his music, writes his lyrics, plays himself
instruments in recording studio, sings and makes his own backing vocals.

HOSNY BRONX is the real international revelation. To discover immediately!
For all Information, check out : www.hosnybronx.com


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