Shaggy says he is glad that Donald Trump is president.

Shaggy could not be more happy that Donald Trump is the president of the United States and he has great reasons to feel that way.  Shaggy thinking is right in line with an article 18 Karat Reggae did on why Donald Trump’s presidency is the best thing ever.

Like the 18 Karat Reggae article, Shaggy sees the Trump presidency not as a cure but rather a blessing in disguise as it is forcing Black people to wake up from their sleep and slumber.

“I am one of those persons who is glad Donald Trump is president, absolutely! It makes us realize that some of the people I thought was my really good friends, really are not. He (has) allowed a lot of people to come out of their face. Because a lot of them were really just keeping it under wraps. These are people who you would have trusted to a point that you would have left all your children’s future in their hands. They were your friends… they were at your dinner table. So it’s good that he’s president because it has allowed a lot of people to wake up. You have not seen so many people wake up,” Shaggy said.

“Donald Trump cause everybody to find dem yard. I fought for the United States government, did four years in the military and fought in the Gulf War; I pay taxes in America, you do not want to know the figure; and at the end of the day I am just a number, a black man. I am just a second-class citizen. That doesn’t change in America.”

Shaggy says the Trump presidency is the main reason he is keeping his family in Jamaica despite all the problems Jamaica is facing especially with the rising crime rate.

“Me want the village to raise my kids. I want my daughters to have friends and have a culture. There is no better culture in the world than Jamaica. For me, to raise my children with a strong cultural background, a heart, and a certain level of toughness, there is no place like Jamaica.”

Instead of worrying about the Trump’s presidency, this is the time that Black people should become a part of some Black movement or get behind some Black cause.  In the words of the great Marcus Garvey; “BE BLACK; BUY BLACK; THINK BLACK AND ALL ELSE WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.”

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