Vybz Kartel and all his soldiers can’t seem to conquer Alkaline.

Another week in in dancehall and another one of Vybz Kartel’s soldiers has launched an attack on Alkaline.

Tommy Lee Sparta is the latest in a line of soldiers to take shots on Alkaline with the song Enemy. However, in Enemy, Tommy Lee is not only aiming for Alkaline but it is also an assault on Kartel’s former nemesis, Mavado.

Enemy is half way decent and might have been successful if it was aimed at Mavado alone.  Tommy Lee does come with some fire lyrics like the following:


From dem a par with the enemy
Yuh a guh dead inna di war with the enemy
Lifeless body gone to the cemetery
Man a killer, careful wha yuh say to me

The only problem is, like Popcaan, Shawn Storm and even Vybz Kartel himself, none of these guys can seem to put even a chink in Alkaline’s armor.  If dancehall stars were countries and their songs were their shields, then Alkaline has used his song, City, to build a shield that is the equivalent of the Great Wall of China.

“They talk about me like every day, mi talk about them like not one day,” Alkaline sung those lyrics last year yet they are still pertinent today, which makes Kartel and his soldiers look rather silly with their futile attempts to bring down the vendetta boss. One has to wonder if Alkaline even remembers that Kartel and the Gaza still exists.

Alkaline should be commended for doing a song that was not only on the offensive but has proven to be an impenetrable defensive fortress. Has any other deejay ever made a song that was destroying other deejay’s new songs even a year later?  It is like Alkaline is dancehall’s war prophet, while Kartel and his soldiers can’t seem to make a profit.

The truth is Alkaline don’t even need to answer Tommy Lee, because when he made city, he actually answered every deejay that wants to war him in the future.  The vendetta boss is like the new Ninja Man of dancehall and only a Ninja can kill a Ninja.

Vybz Kartel and his soldiers rate Alkaline too much, every song they sing, the vendetta boss name is in the title.




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