Who dancehall fans want to see released from prison in 2018?

Ask any dancehall fans to list the top 10 greatest dancehall artists of all time and chances are; Buju Banton, Vybz Kartel and Ninja Man would be on everybody’s list.  All three of these men were at the top of dancehall during their prime and Vybz Kartel is still at the top, even though he may have passed his prime.

All three of these great dancehall artistes are currently in prison.  Buju Banton who is in prison on drug charges is due to be released in December of 2018, if nothing changes such as his good behavior so far. Vybz Kartel who is serving a life sentence for murder, appeal will be heard in 2018 and his attorneys are very confident and optimistic that he will win his appeal and be released sometime in 2018.  Ninja Man who is also serving a life sentence for murder is planning to appeal but most likely his case won’t be heard in 2018.

18 Karat Reggae wants to hear from dancehall fans, however.  If you had the power to free one of these artists but you could only free one, which would you free for 2018 (vote in poll below)?

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