Alkaline calls Tony Matterhorn a pussy for playing Vybz Kartel song.

Things got heated at a Florida party for Alkaline when selector, Tony Matterhorn, played one of Vybz Kartel’s songs.  Alkaline did not appreciate it and he let Matterhorn and the fans in the club know exactly how he felt.

“Yuh a pussy fi that wha yuh jus do. Mi and yuh a fren but nuh do dem sumtin deh again,” Alkaline told Matterhorn.  The fans responded with loud cheers after Alkaline scolded Matterhorn.

A member of Alkaline’s entourage was also seen exchanging heated words with Matterhorn but luckily cooler heads prevail and the situation did not escalate any further.  With Vybz Kartel serving a life sentence for murder and Ninja Man awaiting sentencing also for murder, the last thing dancehall needs is more violence.

Tony Matterhorn says he has no hard feeling about the event as it is all about the music to him.

“It’s all about the love and the music… Nuff man ah go say ah eediat ting, and mi wi get mad and diss up everybody. Then yu a go hear say Matterhorn mek him friend diss Alkaline, but mi nuh tek press and tek press button, at the time, mi feel fi quell the situation because you know none ah dem no bad like me,” Matterhorn told a Jamaican tabloid.

“Not because yu have yu gun or yu gang makes yu a bad person, is how yu deal with situations,” he concluded.

It is no secret that Alkaline is no fan of Vybz Kartel.  Many dancehall fans believe that Alkaline borrowed Kartel’s style, an accusation the vendetta boss vehemently denies.

This behavior is not new in dancehall as Vybz Kartel did not allow Mavado’s songs to be played at his parties or club.

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