Vybz Kartel trying to win back the top spot from Alkaline.

Vybz Kartel and Alkaline Vybz Kartel and Alkaline

The tug-of-war for the title of World Boss AKA One Don continues between dancehall’s two leading deejays; Alkaline and Vybz Kartel.

In the last few weeks Vybz Kartel seems determined to win back his tittle that was wrestled away from him by the vendetta boss, Alkaline.

After the fiasco with Lisa Hanna protesting the fact that Kartel was being allowed to record behind wars, recordings from the world boss slowed down quite a bit giving Alkaline the clear to flex his lyrical muscles all the way to the top.

Unfortunately or fortunately for Kartel, after a kidney ailment that saw him spending over a week in the hospital, the Gaza don was able to record a slew of songs and the ones that have been released so far have been nothing but fire.

Two of the songs released; “Don’t come back” and “Pregnant” were directed at his common law wife, Shorty, who got pregnant for Kartel’s former rival, Mavado, but subsequently had a miscarriage.

This week Vybz Kartel released another heater called “All on board”, which is poised to be a hustlers’ anthem.  In this banger Kartel chants some deadly punch lines like:

Marriage a mi dirty habit… and mi clean
Karat inna mi chain, frame Roger rabbit.

Kartel is saying that the only karat he knows are the ones in his chain, an obvious jab at 18 Karat Reggae.  18 Karat Reggae were among the first media out of Jamaica to report Shorty’s pregnancy, they also referred to Shorty has Kartel’s wife even though the two were never marrid, thus “Marriage a mi dirty habit… and mi clean”.

Whether Alkaline have any lethal tunes coming down the pike remains to be heard. One thing is for sure, if he wants to remain a contender in the race for the One Don title, he will have to come hard.  The scary thing is, Vybz Kartel’s camp is claiming that of all the hot songs he released recently, there are many more where those came from.