Tanya Stephens is the queen of dancehall, not Spice.

Spice and Tanya Stephens Spice and Tanya Stephens

Ever since Lady Saw step off her throne and turned in her dancehall throne for a space at the altar as Minister Marion Hall, there have been a lot of debate about who should take her place as the queen of the dancehall.

Spice had made it clear that she believes she is the queen of dancehall and astonishingly, many dancehall fans agree with her, especially those on the Gaza side.  Maybe it is because Spice is endorsed by Vybz Kartel why Gaza fans were quick to crown her.

The truth is, however, Tanya Stephens is actually miles ahead of Spice in dancehall music and the material proves it.  Apart from “Ramping Shop”, collaboration with Vybz Kartel, it is hard to think of any song from spice that could be considered a dancehall classic.  However, if you were to list the classics from Tanya Stephens, this article would probably run out of space.  Songs like: “It’s a pity”, “These streets”, “Handle the ride”, “Yuh nuh ready”, “Pon di corner” are all dancehall classics.

How many of Spice’s songs can be considered dancehall classics?  Spice only claim to fame is pretty much finding many different ways to say the same thing; mi batty big, mi pumpum tight and mi breast stiff.

Even Macka Diamond has more classic songs than Spice, although I would rather give my cow foot to Spice and let my father give his old foot to Macka.

To rate Spice over Tanya Stephens is the equivalent of rating Blacker over Sizzla.