Ninja Man did not get a prison sentence today.

The Jamaican justice system is in pretty bad shape.  Ninja Man who was convicted of a murder last month was supposed to learn his fate today but because of a shortage of resources the Don Gorgon was not sentenced.

Ninja will have to wait until Monday to learn his fate.

The sentencing was delayed because of a shortage of handcuff that is facing Jamaican police officers.  Yes, you read that right; the police did not have any handcuff available to take Ninja man into the courtroom at his appointed time.  As a result he had to wait for other prisoners to get out of court so handcuffs could be freed up.

So Jamaicans must now ask the question; does the country have so many criminals that we are running out of handcuffs?  Or is it that the leadership is so poor that we can’t even keep the right inventory of what is needed to run a successful justice system?

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