Reggae Dancehall artistes show love and support to Ninja Man.

We recently found out that Vybz Kartel is praying for Ninja Man, that the don gorgon will not be convicted or murder.  Now we are finding out that many others of Ninja’s colleagues are also coming out in support of him and hoping for the best.

Ninja Man had his bail revoked and is now back behind bars for a murder he was accused of committing back in 2009.  Also charged with Ninja Man are his son and another man.

D’Angel, the ex-wife of Beenie Man and prior to that the ex-girlfriend of Bounty Killer, is one of the first to come out in support on Ninja Man.

“I’ve known Ninja Man for a long time as an artiste and he has become a mentor and a friend. He’s always there to give good advice and he’s a really good person at heart. He’s one of the best persons that I’ve met in the industry,” D’Angel told 18 Karat Reggae. “You want to show people respect and love while you can, and so publicly I wanted to let Ninja Man know that we are here for him, we are rooting for him and he’s not in this alone,” she continued.

Female deejay, Keiva, who sees Ninja Man has a father figure, is also coming out in strong support for the Ninja.

“Ninja Man means a lot to me, me have crazy love fi him, crazy respect fi him,” she said pointing out that the entertainer has made a lot of changes in his life. “Ninja, me love yuh and me a support you 100 per cent. Me see di changes and is like is a whole different Ninja, always helping out people, good heart, the positivity. Me have yuh back because me know if a me did inna di situation, yuh woulda deh deh di minute me call,” Keiva said.

Pamputtae is also showing love to Ninja Man and letting dancehall fans know that he is partly responsible for where she is in the music business today.

“Me affi be one a dem that shows support because Ninja Man a man weh bring me go studio and make me nyam food and dem ting deh, so mi affi put in my prayer. A mi godfather dat, him real to me so me just a hope and pray fi everything go good,” she said.

A 7-memebr jury has been selected and the prosecutor in the case has started opening argument in the trial.

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