Live Life Riddim heating up the Reggae and Dancehall charts.

With all the mass murders, hurricanes, rumors of wars, police brutality and a dotard leader of the world who seems to be a reincarnate of Adolph Hitler; it is enough to drive any sane person insane.  Thanks to the sweet sound of reggae and dancehall, there is something people can listen to and forget about the problems of the world, if it is only for a while.

Live Life Riddim is a brand new reggae dancehall release produced by K.O Beatz and features some of the hottest new stars in both dancehall and reggae.  Below is a mix of some of the tracks:

The producer of the riddim says that with all the madness in the world, this was the perfect time to release the project.

“I’ve made it a priority in my life to maximize all my passions and talents. Music has always been a passion of mine because it can affect the world. For years, I have been building riddims and beats, constantly working to perfect my craft. I am still working on it presently because I recognize through this outlet – my passion and my music, I can directly be the driving force inside human souls to bring out love, joy, and/or positivity,” K.O Beatz said.

“Today, I present to you my first project. I’d been contemplating on when the right time would be to share it and it dawned on me, what better time than now, especially with all that’s going on in the world today. “Live Life Riddim” is a riddim of self expression. My passion for music opened up a new world for me and helps me cope with the “day-to-day” handed by life daily. As an individual directly affected by the result of these tumultuous times, I’ve chosen to “live life” making the very best of it regardless of unfortunate circumstances. With this project, it is my hope that you live your life how you please, choose love, and to be happy no matter what. Each artist expresses themselves according to their own feelings and emotions that have driven them on this riddim and as a result, unique tracks have been created with different types of styles and vibes; cohesively expressing the true meaning of Live Life,” he concluded.


Dan Marcus: All my life
Jah Myhrakle: Naw give up
Kazayah: Live mi Life
Nello Player: Go Hard
Ecko: Wake up this morning ft Bring a fyah
Nego Hights: What’s it going to take us
Andidre: Way you smile
Kosha Di Sojah: Runaway ft Shivaun

K.O Beatz also wants to remind dancehall and reggae fans all over the world to remember that no matter what life brings your way, be grateful for what you have because at the end of it all you still have LIFE!

The full album is available on iTunes and other music outlets now.  You can also listen the preview mix on Soundcloud.


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