Peter Tosh’s son is improving slowly after brutal beating in prison.

The son of Peter Tosh, Jawara McIntosh, as severely beaten into a coma earlier this year.  Thankfully the young Rasta is showing some improvement, albeit small improvements, according to his cousin Dre Tosh.

Dre Tosh did not realize how seriously his cousin was injured but when he visited him in the hospital he was completely heartbroken after seeing his condition.

“When I arrived, Aunt Niambe asked if I was properly prepared before allowing me to see him, and when dem fly di curtain, if likkle more water was in my tear ducts I would not have been able to hold back the tears,” Dre Tosh said to 18 Karat Reggae.

“He looked a way, I cannot even begin to describe the feeling, to see him without locks, his skull sunken in, it was painful,” Dre Tosh continued.

The entire Tosh family have joined together to help Jawara recovered from his injuries and they are starting to see some small results. Despite the results, Dre wants to wait until Jawara is better before returning to the hospital.

“He is in a condition, though he is getting better, me personally would not want to go back and look for him until he gets better, because it turn me completely soft and sad inside,” he added.

“What happened should not have been able to, not because it is my uncle or a Tosh, but in the system where even though you are considered a criminal, you should be protected. But I do respect the law, the law is the law even though I do not agree with it,” said Dre Tosh.

The Tosh family’s optimism grew tremendously last week after Jawara was able to open one of his eyes.



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