Vybz Kartel is so afraid of Alkaline he sends Shawn Storm to do his dirty work.

Dancehall fans all around the world and especially those in Jamaica believe that not too long ago Vybz Kartel was the best lyricist out of Jamaica, even if his lyrics are not inspiring or uplifting.  But just like the cycle of life, so it is in dancehall, when one gone another is born and you have to move out the old to make room for the new.

Like Bounty Killer and Beenie Man had to move from the top of dancehall pyramid to make room for Vybz Kartel and Mavado, the gully god and the Gaza don now have to move and make way for the younger generation to takeover an arena for the young.

Alkaline has stepped up his game and has wrestled the title of “World Boss” away from Vybz Kartel.  It seems like if an artist does not want to move off the top of the pyramid when their time is up then Alkaline has no problem kicking them off the top.

The word on the street is that Vybz Kartel has grown so lyrically afraid of Alkaline that he wants to throw lyrical jabs at the vendetta boss but had to get Shawn Storm to do it for him.  Shawn Storm is being a good soldier doing what Kartel commands and has just released a song called Full Clip Load taking aim at Alkaline.

In the song, Shawn storm throws some average at best but very inefficient shades at Alkaline:


Everybody mi ago kill everybody
All dah one deh weh sound like addi mad
Everything wha the boss do you want fi do

It will be interesting to see if Alkaline even waste time responding to Shawn Storm.  Maybe if he is idle, he will.

Shawn Storm was convicted along with Vybz Kartel for murder.  Unlike Kartel who has to wait 35 years to be eligible for parole, Shawn Storm only has to wait 25 years.

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