Cardi B says her biggest inspiration is Dancehall star Spice.

It is a known fact that dancehall reggae is the mother of hip hop so it is not strange to know that dancehall continues to have a great influence on her child.  Just take a listen to Chris Brown’s latest hit Questions.

Dancehall’s influence on hip hop was very evident recently when Cardi B told Spice that the female dancehall star was her biggest inspiration.

“You have inspired me for a very long time,” Cardi B said to Spice.  “My love for your music does way back; I am not one of these newcomers.

Spice showed that the love and respect was mutual and told Cardi B, “I have so much @#$%% love for you.”

Spice is no stranger to influencing hip hop artists.  In fact, Drake has tried to hook up with Spice intimately just last year.

Spice recently did a remix to Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow, a song which recently topped the billboard chart.  Cardi B is the first female artist to top billboard since Lauryn Hill.

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