Vybz Kartel releases new song dissing his wife.

Vybz Kartel is making it clear that he does not want back his common-law wife Tanesha “Shorty” Johnson. Just two weeks ago it was reported that Shorty was pregnant for Mavado and suffered a miscarriage.

Obviously, Kartel did not take that news too well and so he went in deep on the new song disrespecting the mother of his children.

Kartel’s new song is call Don’t come back and in it the world boss has the following to say to Shorty:

Gyal pack up har things, f*ck you
Talk bout me a stale news
Gwan then but don’t come back when you hear Worlboss got juice
Ungrateful bitch….

It is not a surprise that Kartel would go in so hard on his common law wife as it was well reported that he was very hurt when she got pregnant.  There were even rumors that it was the stress from Shorty’s cheating that caused Kartel to get sick and hospitalized last week.


Mavado has yet to say anything or release any songs about the whole situation.



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