Popcaan scores another collaboration with and international artist.

Dancehall deejay, Popcaan, continues to do big things.  The unruly Jamaican has recently collaborated on a song with United Kingdom (UK) based international hip-hop and grime artist, Giggs.

This is not Popcaan’s first major international collaboration as he has also collaborated with Canadian rapper Drake.

The name of the collaboration is Times Tickin and it also includes 2 Chainz, Young Thug, and Lil Duke.

Reviewers have rated Times Tickin as the best song on Gigg’s new album.

Giggs sees himself as a hip-hop artist although many as tagged him as grime, which originated in the UK and is a mixture of ragga, dancehall, garage and hip-hop.

“They say grime doesn’t come from hip hop, but I think it does. Cause men are rapping in it. Spitting in it, on the beat. Know what I’m saying? But they say grime is that 140 BPM. Well there’s 140 BPM rap playing. But, obviously, I don’t know, they just want to say that they do grime and keep it in that. But, to me, obviously I’m a rapper, isn’t it? But people say, yeah, Giggs is a sick grime artiste cause of his country. I don’t know man. Cause of everyone else that’s come up and made a name for themselves, they’ve all come from grime. Like I’m talking before I come, it’s like they don’t know anything else. It’s like they don’t even know that American hip-hop’s always been around,” Giggs told 18 Karat Reggae.

Popcaan is a former protoje of Vybz Kartel and was part of the Gaza empire, however, he broke out on his own after Vybz Kartel got convicted for murder.



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