International Reggae/Neo-Soul Artist Walker T Sets to Release New EP.

Walkerton Music Group, LLC in Association with San Music Productions is preparing to release a new EP Summer 2017.

The new Walker T EP will feature some of the top Reggae and Dancehall Producers as well as Producers from the Hip-Hop and R&B genres. The EP is set to brand Walker T not only as a Reggae Artist but more of a Neo-Soul Singer venturing out with new sounds and melodies. The EP features songs like Shooter, Level Dem, and Danger, three of his more popular songs currently enjoying airplays worldwide. The EP also features a crossover R&B mix titled: Speeding expecting to be a smash single.


The music video: Level Dem (feat. E-Dee), was shot on location in Los Angeles California. The video has received two A&R awards for best original song and best video content.


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