Frankie Paul did not have to die so early.

There is a saying that the humble and meek gets the most fight in life and in Frankie Paul’s case it was very true.

The singer who was born blind is one of the best voices to come out of Jamaica, so much so that he was dubbed as “Jamaica’s Stevie Wonder”.

Frankie Paul recorded so many hit songs and meant so much to reggae but as good as he was to reggae and dancehall, the dancehall fraternity was not always good to him.  Top flight deejays like Capleton and Beenie Man had songs which contained disparaging remarks about Frankie Paul, with Beenie Man saying that he will never do a song with Frankie.

It was no surprise when Frankie got ill that a lot of the entertainers did not show any support to the ill star.  Last year after Paul lost a leg because of his illness a benefit concert was held to purchase a prosthetic leg for the star.  While artists like Tristan Palmer, George Nooks, Lloyd Parks, Philip Frazer and Little John showed their support, many artists declined to help.

Just a few weeks before his death, family and friends of Frankie Paul were asking for help in the media.  Frankie had kidney disease and needed dialysis twice a week.

It is not sure if more financial support could have saved Frankie Paul’s life but still it would have been great to see the reggae and dancehall fraternity rallying behind a legend who meant and still means so much to both genres.

Artists like Sizzla and Ninjaman are busy with their own movements aimed at uplifting Jamaica and Jamaicans but what are other artists who are not doing any kind of charity work.  Could their financial support have bought Frankie even one more year of life?  We might never know but artists should consider less flossing, partying and raving in exchange for more humanity work.

Still, nothing can tarnish or damage Frankie Paul’s tremendous contribution to Jamaican music and the legacy he leaves behind.

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