Reggae Star arrested and charged with cocaine possession.

When people think of reggae artists, they often think of marijuana smokers, seldom do they think of cocaine users.  Still the genre has had it fair share of alleged cocaine users from the late great Gregory Isaacs to the greatest clash deejay of all time, Ninjaman.

George Nooks, the “God is standing by singer” is the latest reggae artist to add his name to the list of reggae artists involved in cocaine in some form or the other.

George Nooks might have been taking the Cinco de Mayo celebrations to too high of a level.  Jamaican narcotics detectives arrested and charged the 56-year-old entertainer for breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act on Friday, May 5.

The singer was caught with just under 2 ounces of cocaine.  The irony of the situation is; had Nooks stick with what reggae singers are famous far, smoking marijuana, he would have been just fine.  Marijuana is decriminalized in Jamaica where 2 ounces are less can only get the owner a ticket, unfortunately for Nooks and maybe fortunately for the island, that is not the case with cocaine.

The lawmen apprehended Nooks after he was behaving suspiciously.  His bad was searched and the cocaine was found.  He was arrested, charged and granted bail for approximately 750 USD.

Reggae great Buju Banton is currently serving a prison sentence after he was convicted on conspiracy to distribute cocaine charges.  Prosecutors claimed that Buju Banton was caught on videotape tasting cocaine.



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