Reggae Star Sizzla turns to Bikes.

Sizzla who when based on talent alone is probably the greatest reggae artist to live is now into something new and it has to do with bikes.  Well, actually it is not new for the judgement yard artist.  If you remember Mavado’s song “Last Night” then you will remember the line where he says: “Him coulda fast like Sizzla fast bike”, so it is obvious Kalonji has been in love with bikes for a while.  In fact, a bike accident almost caused the Rasta artist his life a few years ago but thanks to Jah the living legend is still with us touching lives.

Along with helping with the reduction of crime in Jamaica, Sizzla is now bringing all the bike crews across the island together in his new initiative, Crank it up bike fest.

Of course anything that brings youths across together where they are not fighting each other will have a positive impact on lowering the crime rate, so the bike fest fits in with Sizzla’s crime reduction in August Town movement but on a wider scale.

“It’s all about youths showcasing their talents within the motorcycle world in a controlled environment. They’ve mastered the art of stunt riding in a realm which is much safer than the on the roads… It’s an occasion which motorcycle enthusiasts and their family can come and watch the youths doing stunts. Also, it acts as a revenue [earner] for some youths whose bikes need cables, parts, etc.,” Sizzla told 18 Karat Reggae.

The bike crews from across the island included Montego Bay’s Ruff Riders, One Life crew, Bike Life, Kingston’s Finest, St Thomas Riders, and West Riders.

“I done this two times before, I kept the Jamaica Bike Festival in Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium, and I brought it to Kingston as well,” he said.

So although the world knows Sizzla has a superstar reggae artist, he has been a bike enthusiast since he was a child.

I grew up in the garage with my father. I grew up with motor vehicles; fixing cars, auto body work, and duco work. We grew up around the machine, so it is not by chance,” he said.

“My favorite bike is a Yamaha 1000 or Yamaha 600 – R6.”

While Sizzla wants riders across the island to have fun as they ride their bikes he also wants them to know that safety should be there number one concern.

All roads uses must observe traffic signs and must be more courteous… we’re all using the same road. Some of us riding don’t even want to read the road codes; some don’t want to practice to ride the bikes properly. Some of us just want to go out drink alcohol and ride and drive; that’s dangerous! That is why we have shows like these, where people can come and see and know that you got to be in charge of your machine,” Sizzla added.


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