Trump #MAGA Hats “Are This Generation’s Ku Klux Klan Hoods,” Says Rapper and Kanye West BFF Pusha-T

“The ‘Make America Great Again’ hat is this generation’s Ku Klux hood. When was America so great anyways? Name that time period?”

While much of the free thinking un-brainwashed world will wholeheartedly agree and swear on their mothers that former Clipse rapper, Pusha-T’s comment is straight #Facts, our minds are kind of boggled because we all know Pusha-T and Kanye West are besties. Kanye, as you may recall, showed so much support for Donald Trump in an interview with TMZ, that many fans called for the producer and head of G.O.O.D Music Label’s immediate psychiatric evaluation assuming he was another man to be afflicted with the Kardashian Kurse.

Pusha-T and Kanye are such buddies, it has recently come to light [through the Grape Kool-Aid Vine] that it was Kanye who supplied all that Drake dirt for Pusha-T’s jaw dropping Diss Track that made many of us wonder if Pusha-T had run low on testosterone and was operating on estrogen and red panties. How does he feel that his boss was flaunting a MAGA hat?

But Pusha-T admits that he and Yeezy, “disagree on plenty of shit, Well, when he did TMZ, I flew to Wyoming the next day,” Pusha divulged The Guardian. “We spoke about insensitivity. The actual messaging. Where I felt he went wrong. You can’t even paraphrase about situations and issues that are so personal to people. When it comes to death and real-life people and persecution and things where families have been divided, you have to be more careful.”

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