Slave Driver: Trump’s Latino Ex-Personal Driver Suing For Unpaid OT Was Forced to Give Up Health Benefits In Order to Get Raise

Noel Cintron, who drove Donald Trump everywhere for about 25 years until Secret Service took his job in 2016 says he was getting financially boned by POTUS.

According to the law suit, the last “meaningful” raise Mr. Cintron, a registered Republican according to Public Records, was more than a decade ago.  His annual salary was $62,700 and in 2006, he received a raise to $68,000. However, when the Queens resident received the second raise in 2010 to $75k per year, he was given an offer he could not refuse – relinquish his health benefits in order to save the Trump Organization $18k annually.

“In an utterly callous display of unwarranted privilege and entitlement and without even a minimal sense of noblesse oblige, Trump and his business exploited the driver,” says Cintron in the complaint.

Mr. Cintron is suing the Trump Organization for lost wages and damages for 3,300 hours of of overtime which were uncompensated in the last 6 years he was on the job. Based on Noel’s OT rate, he claims he’s owed about $178k… for the overtime.

He’s suing the Trump Corporation for lost wages and damages. However, even though he worked an average of 55 per week, Cintron was paid a fixed salary. We further await to hear more of whether or not this was something to which he agreed or was stiffed like the many others like contractors, mortgage brokers, electricians, and landscapers who have complained Trump, a proponent of cheap labor standards, added another one to his long list of debtors.

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