Trapped Under Boston Train, Woman Begs Not to Call Ambulance: “I Can’t Afford That!”

If you’re thinking about calling your family members in Foreign to send you a Western Union -stick a pin. Hear this (in my Heavy D voice. RIP).

Last Friday afternoon, a commuter was badly injured after she slipped in the 5-inch gap between the train and platform. Bystanders immediately rushed to help free the wounded leg of the wailing woman. The gruesome scene was instantly transfixed into a collective heartbreak. Instead of cries pleading for help, the woman begged that no one called Emergency Services.

According to Boston Globe reporter, Maria Cramer (who live tweeted):

“Awful scene on the orange. A woman’s leg got stuck in the gap between the train and the platform. It was twisted and bloody. Skin came off. She’s in agony and weeping. Just as upsetting she begged no one call an ambulance. “It’s $3000,” she wailed. “I can’t afford that.”

A myriad of emotions coursed through the platform as Angels of Mercy joined together to push the train out of the way releasing the woman from its grasp but not before mangling her leg to the extent of exposed bone. Shaking and crying, she begged people not to call an ambulance. “Do you know how much an ambulance costs?” the 45-year-old woman wept fearing an exorbitant fee more than she feared for her life.

It’s a very sad day when Americans, citizens of one of the wealthiest First World Countries, are afraid of a doctor bill.

Let’s be kind to one another today.

boston train

Photo courtesy Boston Transit Police.

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