TOO NUFF! Reggae Icon Marcia Griffiths Defends “Electric Slide” is a Vibe, Not THAT Kind of Vibe.

It seemed Reggae’s resident Ital Pot Stirrer, Bunny Wailer was at it again. This time, it was reported the Legend whispered to a [so-called] journalist that Marcia Griffiths‘s Classic hit Electric Slide, – to which many of our church grannies danced- is really about a sex toy. The writer asked the Reggae legend if the song was about a personal pleasure toy for women, to which Bunny reportedly replied, ‘are you just figuring that out?’Marcia-Griffiths

Wait, what? This is so rude..  we all have an experience with that song….  cousin’s baby shower… Madea… Empress Marcia herself… O, God. I feel faint… It makes you wonder (a little TOO much) how that song and a vibrator correlates because with those lyrics, it sounds like quite the painful experience.

Anyway, the journalist wasted NO time in releasing  (no pun) the info on social media where it went viral spawning loads of (no pun again…) naughty memes at the expense of the Ms. Marcia.  However, after contacting Bunny Wailer and asking him if he ran the susu per the journalist -who remains mysterious at the moment- declared, King Bunny denied he ever said anything at all. We believe him. *Sips Tea*

“I am disgusted that anyone would turn such a fun, happy, family-oriented song into something so vulgar.  I want to make it clear that the ‘Electric Slide’ is about music; the energy of music – something you can’t see or touch but is in the air.” ~Bunny Wailer

Empress Marcia took to her Instagram page, to boldly declare that her music is to,

‘teach, educate and uplift. To think that people are so wicked as to attack a song that was made in love is wrong.  I have to fight back.  Bunny and I are very upset and want to make sure we defend our music.”

“Electric Slide” was originally released in 1976 by Bunny Wailer and re-recorded by Marcia Griffiths in 1980.

I am so glad to know that Our beloved Empress Marcia is not Stepping Out of Babylon and straight into Sodom & Gomorrah.

Please be sure to check out Empress Marcia’s newest single Queen of Paradise! Built around the Bam Bam riddim, Empress Marcia joined up with Grammy Award winning Sly & Robbie,  and Chronixx for this wicked chune. Stay tuned and walk good.

To that so called journalist, you, Sir are Outta Order!electric marcia

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