Who is the most influential Dancehall Reggae Artiste of all time?

The Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) is going to honor Bounty Killer for being the most influential dancehall artiste of all time and Gaza fans are not too thrilled about that.  Most Gaza fans believe that it is Vybz Kartel who should be receiving the honor as the most influential.

As always, whenever these discussions come up, 18 Karat Reggae likes to go directly to the fans and hear what they have to say.

So below  we list who believe are some of the most influential dancehall artistes of all time in no particular order.  Please vote on who you believe is the most influential and if your artist is not on the list you are free to add them and vote for them.  Also leave a comment letting us know why you believe that the artiste you voted for is the most influential.

4 thoughts on “Who is the most influential Dancehall Reggae Artiste of all time?

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