Dancehall fans prefer a freed Vybz Kartel over a Freed Ninja Man.

As Ninja Man gets ready to face his fate today on murder charges, dancehall fans have made it clear, they would rather to see a free Vybz Kartel than a free Ninja Man.

If the dancehall genie gave dancehall fans one wish and it was between Ninja Man being found not guilty and Vybz Kartel wining his appeal, fans overwhelmingly would want to see Kartel win his appeal and Ninja replacing him in prison.

In the online poll conducted by 18 Karat Reggae with over 230 thousand votes, 63% voted that they would rather see Vybz Kartel win his appeal, while 37% voted that they would rather see Ninja Man beating his murder case.

The results should not be at all surprising as in a previous poll; dancehall fans voted that they preferred Vybz Kartel  over Bob Marley.

Ninja Man’s murder case completed last week and was handed over to the jury.  This stems from a 2009 murder charge where his son and another man are also charged for the murder.

Vybz Kartel is serving a life sentence for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.  He has an upcoming appeal in July of 2018.


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