Vybz Kartel is loved more than Bob Marley in Jamaica, according to new poll.

As sad as it might sound, in the paradise island of Jamaica, a convicted murderer is more loved and revered than the king of reggae who taught peace and love with his music.

According to a recent online poll by 18 Karat Reggae, Vybz Kartel is the country’s favorite entertainer in a head to head comparison with Bob Marley.

Vybz Kartel led Bob Marley by 3 points, 46 percent to 43 percent among Jamaicans who consider themselves fans of reggae and dancehall music.  The poll was conducted online throughout the Month of October and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.46 percent.

It is important to point out that the poll did not consider any historical or international importance of either entertainer.  Rather it focused on right now and only in Jamaica.  The poll question simply ask: “Between Bob Marley and Vybz Kartel, whose music do your prefer to listen to.”

The poll participants were from all walks of life and all social demographics in Jamaica.

It is difficult to understand why Kartel’s music is loved over Bob’s but it is something the leaders of the country might have to work hard at doing considering Jamaica’s social state right now.

While it would be unfair to blame Jamaica’s social ills on the music or the entertainers, the question must be asked; is it a coincidence that in a county where the murder rate is out of control, the favorite entertainer is a convicted murder?  Not only is Vybz Kartel a convicted murderer but Ninja Man is currently in jail on murder charges, Munga Honorable is on bail awaiting his court date for murder charges and Alkaline was arrested on murder charges a few months ago but was not charged.

One thing is for sure, if someone had suggested 10 years ago that a convicted murderer serving a life sentence would be more popular than Bob Marley in Jamaica, no one would believe it. We are now seeing it with our own eyes and as the murder rate continues to spiral out of control, most of Jamaica is screaming “FREE WORLD BOSS”.



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  3. Leon Ramsay

    Knowing the kind of generation we are dealing with I would not be surprised. The voic e of teenaged rebellion would be Kartel and not Bob.Rasta with its rebellious messages was considered antisocial later on to be synthesized into society. The concern I have is how did “dark” dancehall music got to be so mainstream?The answers lie in the subculture that gained financial legitimacy from dancehall music and mainstream media which paid it homage,as if was an agenda to disempower people into making rational choices in the music they listen to.


  4. Richard Powe

    i never been polled, if u ask okids in the ghetto.. kartel ask adults in the ghetto …marley ask adults uptown …Marley, Kids uptown..mARLEY. i LIVE IN jAMAICA, DONT POST SHIT HERE.


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