Ninja Man did not suffer a heart attack, according to hospital workers.

Dancehall fans were worried when rumors started swirling that Ninja Man might have suffered a heart attack when he was rushed to the hospital.

Speculations were added to the rumors when Ninja’s attorney, Valrie Neita Robinson, declined to comment on the rumor by only saying the entertainer was sick.

“He is sick and has been taken to the doctor, and there is a possibility that he will have to go to the hospital. He has been having chest pains,” Robinson said.

While Robinson would not disclose what was wrong with Ninja, workers at the Kingston public hospital said the Don Gorgon looked fine and did not even need to see a doctor when he got to the hospital.

“Mi see him when him come. Him did look all right. Him did inna one tiger shirt and jeans pants wid him hand dem handcuffed in front a him,” a security guard at the hospital said.

A nurse said the visit did not last long before the police offers who took Ninaj Man to the hospital quickly took him away.

“Mi just see him walk go inna the passage and turn back, enuh. Me nuh see no doctor look pon him. Nuh doctor nuh look pon him. Him just come deh and go inna the emergency and wheel round and guh weh back,” she told 18 Karat Reggae.

Another man who was also at the hospital to be seen by the doctor says he saw Ninja Man at the hospital and the artiste looked perfectly fine.

“Him all right man, in terms of him physical, but yuh can’t look pon a man and know how him mental stay. But him look healthy cause him a walk normal,” the man said.

Some people did come look if a really him, and some did a mek noise cause a di artiste,” he concluded.

18 Karat Reggae reported that Vybz Kartel thought Ninja Man was faking his illness to be like Kartel who also had to be rushed to the hospital last month.


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