Damian Marley says Ziggy Marley is underrated.

Damian Marley might want to be careful who he is purchasing his weed from as it seems like whatever he is smoking might be mixed with some hallucination  drugs.

While listing 5 great reggae protest songs in billboard magazine, Damian mentioned that Ziggy was underrated?

“My brother Ziggy is such an underrated writer. The Melody Makers did some really great work and it seems like some people don’t remember,” Damian Marley told 18 Karat Reggae.

Ishawna said some pretty stupid things in 2017 but Damian Marley saying Ziggy is underrated as got to be the stupidest thing said by a reggae artist in 2017.

How can anyone say Ziggy Marley is underrated?  One can ask themselves two questions to figure out if Ziggy is underrated.  Which Reggae group has won the most Grammy Awards?  The answer is Ziggy Marley and the Melody makers with 3 Grammy Awards.  Which solo reggae artist has won the most Grammy Awards?  The answer is Ziggy Marley with 4.

So Ziggy Marley has won 7 total reggae awards (he has won others too but we are sticking to reggae).  I guess Damian thinks he should have won 70 or is this you call Marley privilege or maybe it is quarter white privilege.

For Damian Marley to say Ziggy is underrated is an insult to the real reggae stars who have never won a Grammy Award.

If anything, Ziggy Marley is overrated, way overrated.  All of Ziggy’s Grammy winning albums combined cannot stand up to any one of Beres Hammond’s albums and Beres  have never won a Grammy.  Not one of Ziggy’s albums can compare to the classics from Sizzla like Praise ye Jah, Black woman and Child, The Real Thing and Ghetto Revolution.  Artists like Sizzla and Beres Hammond are underrated.

Ziggy Marley is not underrated, he is extremely overrated.  Sorry Junior Gong.

Ziggy Marley thinks he deserves his 7 Grammy Awards.

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