Vybz Kartel is having difficulty paying his legal fees.

Fans of Vybz Kartel might have to open a GoFundMe to help the embattled entertainer with his upcoming legal bills.

Despite the numerous records being released by the former world boss, his inability to tour and perform on live shows is putting significant pressure on his earning potential.

As a result, his archrival, Alkaline already had to step in and help Kartel with the fees for his February 2018 appeal even though they have been keeping it on the hush.

Someone inside of Vybz Kartel’s camp informed 18 Karat Reggae that Vybz Kartel’s kidney sickness was actually a fake in order for the deejay to spend some time in the hospital in order to make some new music.  The hope is that the new songs recorded during his hospital pay will be able to pay for the outstanding legal bills.

If the new songs do not do enough then fans should be on the lookout for a GofundMe in order the fund the artist’s appeal case.

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