Ivy Layne wants to be a Dancehall star.

Call her a culture vulture, call it experimenting, call it anything you want but Ivy Layne is dabbling into dancehall and she is doing a great job so far.

The international pop star joined with ace dancehall recording artist Popcaan to record One You Love.

“We all have that person that we are into and would love that person to be ours regardless of the situation. You might be in a relationship, living far or circumstances are not right for you to be with that person but you can only dream and know in your heart that person is the one you love,” Ivy explained.

Ivy and her management team at Cape Republic Records decided that Popcaan was the perfect dancehall sound to take the song to that next level.

“Working with Popcaan was everything that I expected and even beyond. He is such a great artiste and also an amazing person. I was meeting him in person for the first time on the video shoot and I can tell that he is passionate about his music and I am so happy for his success,” said Ivy.

The official music video for the single was shot in Portland, Jamaica.

The ‘One You Love’ remix itself has already started to get airplay in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

“The buzz is amazing and I’m seeing people in Jamaica dancing to my music. I have people from all over the world reaching out to me on social media, saying how much they love the single. As an artiste that’s the greatest thing you can ask for, it motivates me to create more music for my fans,” she said.

The video is expected to be released by the end of July 2017. Ivy will be doing an international radio tour as she continues to promote ‘In Time’ and will also be heading back to the studio to finish her full length album.

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