Did Jamaica’s homophobia cause the death of Frankie Paul?

We wanted to touch on this subject when Frankie Paul died but we did not want to discuss it immediately after his death. The question we wanted to know is whether the lack of help for Frankie Paul during his illness was because of past rumors that he was gay.

Let’s face it, many in the dancehall fraternity used to whisper that Frankie was gray.  Some artists like the self-proclaimed king of dancehall, Beenie Man and even the prophet Capleton threw jabs at Frankie Paul in songs.

In the song Pure Sodom, Capleton sings the following:

Never send dem guh mix up with RuPaul
Never send dem guh work fi John Pope Paul
Never tell dem fi mel with Frankie Paul

Under no circumstances should the great Frankie Paul’s name had been mixed up with people like Rupaul or John Pope Paul.  It did not stop there, however, as Beenie Man sticking to his copycat ways sung the following in the song Bitter mi blood:

I will love Ann Marie till she bawl
but mi nah, sing a song with Frankie Paul

With lyrics like those by fellow dancehall artists it is not surprising that they did not step up to help their colleague when he needed it most.  If their financial help could have saved Frankie’s life then it is fair to say that the homophobia in dancehall killed one of the greatest voices in the history of dancehall.

Both 24 Karat Reggae and our sister website 18 Karat Reggae are always saluting artists like Sizzla and Ninjaman for the great work they are doing helping others in Jamaica.  It is really a shame that none of these artists stepped up for Frankie Paul, especially when it has never been proven that Frankie Paul was gay.  On top of that, the man was married with children even though marriage with children does not mean that one is not gay.

Dancehall artists wear the most battyman clothes, from Versace to Tommy Hilfiger.  It is safe to say that more than 50% of the fashion that dancehall artists spend their money on is created by batty man designers. So to not help a fellow dancehall artist because there are rumors that he is a battyman, is the highest level of hypocrisy.

Frankie Paul’s music will live in dancehall forever.


4 thoughts on “Did Jamaica’s homophobia cause the death of Frankie Paul?

    1. To be honest, i think this article does more bad than good. Just because Frankie Paul was an artist does not mean he had personal relationships with these artists. Just because they are all in the same industry does not mean that they are obligated to support or help each other just like i wouldn’t expect you to support another person simply because they were a journalist. What you have done is imply a scenario based solely on the fact that he Frankie Paul was gay and attqched these random artists to his death as if to imply that they didnt help him for that reason. Thses articles do nothing for the betterment of the image people have about Jamaica and further tarnishes these artists names when continually attached to homophobia even when its just an opinion.


  1. i met Frankie Paul in Jamaica in 2008 after he played live to a small crowd. He chatted to me for a while,,does it really matter if he was gay although he did not appear to be. He was an amazing Artist and a really good guy.


  2. This article is poorly written. You defend a man that may or may not have been gay but then threw out your own allegations. Tommy Hilfiger is not gay. He too is a married man with children. You are doing exactly what you accused others of doing. Instead of blaming artist for not putting forth their money, why not tackle the real issue which is the quality of the healthcare system on the island. The government also profits from reggae and dancehall music through the amount of tourist that come to the island to attend shows.


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