Ninjaman continues to help the less fortunate of Jamaica.

Reggae and dancehall artists are starting to step up to the plate and not only sing about it but be about it.  Over the years some of the great reggae artists sung about uplifting the poor, equal rights and justice while at the same time they were robbing the very musicians who were playing the music that they were singing their lyrics to.

Ninjaman is leading an honorable and commendable movement where he is driving around Jamaica and helping those who need it most.

Sometime some of the things the don gorgon sees in his travels are enough to make any grown man cry but this is not deterring the “front teeth gold teeth don gorgon” from his mission.

“Sometimes it really hurts cause it really make mi feel like mi anuh really Ninja Man, because mi go a country and come back a cry,” says Ninja Man.

“Because when mi go down there and mi go see a likkle 10 year old yute and a little 14-year-old girl affi mek hassock with the upholstering to send dem self go school, it mek tears come to my eye.”

Ninja Man was making reference to a situation where the children of a disabled man have been forced to do upholstering in order to send themselves to school. The children were taught the skills by their disabled father who has been bed-ridden ever since he fell from a building.

Ninjaman told a Jamaican tabloid that he gave the family more than $10,000 to assist with the children’s schooling. He promised to return with more help to support the upholstery business, but his posting the video to social media created more help than he had imagined.

“From mi start this ting people from all over the world get to me who want help and who want to render assistance,” Ninjaman said. “We a go a country tomorrow go do the distribution. We have all type of tin food, soap, and toothbrush, everything to make their lives comfortable. And we have people pack containers now as we speak to send come a Jamaica to help these people.”

The artiste is also planning to expand his reach through a radio program call ‘problem line’. “Call me and tell me your problem and we try and solve it,” Ninjaman said.

Many other dancehall and reggae artists have chimed in to help Ninjaman accomplish his mission.

“Busy Signal is a part of it, Vershon is a part of it, Razor B is a part of this group and Josey Whales is a part of the group,” Ninjaman said. “Mi, as the president, mi go around and I seek the problems and help to solve them. My friends help to provide support.”


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