Damian Marley deserves the Grammy award, according to Freddie McGregor.

Veteran reggae artiste, Freddie McGregor, who blasted the Grammys for always giving the award to the Marleys when they are nominated, says this time he is not angry at the committee.

“I would have liked if Chronixx had won because Jr. Gong won before but I am still satisfied with the result. There was a level of excitement when the nominations came in last year which was a very refreshing change. Both Jr. Gong and Chronixx put up a good fight,” McGregor said

McGregor was not the only one hoping for a Chronixx victory but 90% of reggae fans around the world thought that Chronology was a more deserving album than Junior Gong’s Stony Hill, admitting that both albums were great.

The big ship singer says Chronixx is still a winner even though he did not take home the trophy.

“It is truly a win for Chronixx as he did do a lot in such a little time. He is young and I am really looking forward to seeing him making a lot more great albums in the future but cheers to Jr. Gong. No one can complain about him winning because he was a Marley,” McGregor said.

Since the Grammys came up with the Reggae category it has been dominated by the Marleys, so much so that Stephen Marley won the Grammy one year then won it again the following year for the acoustic version of the same album.

Ziggy Marley has won five solo Best Reggae Album Grammy Awards, three Best Reggae Album Grammys with the Melody Makers, for a total of eight. Stephen Marley has won six Grammy awards as an artiste, producer, and member of Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers.

Damian Marley has won three Best Reggae Album Grammy Awards.


One thought on “Damian Marley deserves the Grammy award, according to Freddie McGregor.

  1. Poor Freddie Mcgregor! The onslaught from the ‘white’ music awards has taken it’s toll on the poor guy! No matter how much He protest the ‘white’ Grammys don’t give a flying fish!


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