Damian Marley wins the 2018 Reggae Grammy as the conspiracy to destroy the music’s militancy continues.

Damian Marley Damian Marley

The same way Bob Marley was used to destroy the real meaning behind Marcus Garvey’s “One Love” slogan, is the same way the Marley children are being used to suppress the militancy and resistance that is to be found in music from people like Chronixx, Sizzla, Capleton, Anthony B and I-Wayne.

Damian Marley walked away with the 2018 Reggae Grammy, even though almost 90% of Reggae fans thought that Chronixx was the most deserving of the award (See voting graph below).

2018 Reggae Grammy
2018 Reggae Grammy

This is Junior Gong’s third Grammy award.  He also won the award for Half Way Tree and Welcome to Jamrock.  So the youngest of the Marley brothers have won 3 Grammys from 4 albums.  This is while the real reggae greats like Beres Hammond, Sizzla, Capleton and Tarrus Riley who have released hundreds of albums combined, have not win a single Grammy award.

The Marley combined have won more than half of all the Grammy Awards under the best reggae album category.

The average reggae fan does not understand the seriousness of what has been happening, continues to happen and will happen in the future if more people do not stand up like Freddie McGregor and speak out.

There is a power that is that is hell bent on destroying reggae music and the Rasta movement and they are using the Marley as the tools to do so.