Gully Bob and Khago heading for a lyrical war?

There could be a new lyrical war brewing in dancehall and it is not the usual suspects.  Normally when we speak of lyrical wars in dancehall the names that come to mind are Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Alkaline, Popcaan, Tommy Lee Sparta and a few others.

It seems like a lyrical showdown could now be brewing between Gully Bob and Khago.  Khago released a video in which he stated that Gully Bop is now homeless again as he was before.  In the video it seems like Kartel did not mean his statement as a disrespect to Gully Bop but rather one of concern.  The Nah sellout mi friend singer even went as far as offering his house to Gully Bop at least until Bop could get back on his feet.

Gully Bop did not see what most people see in the video, however, and accused Khago of wanting Bop at the house so they could get in some kind of sexual relationship.  Bob even accused Khago of being sexual with teenage boys.  One has to watch the Gully Bop video to fully understand how he took Khago’s offer.

Normally this time of the year artistes are getting ready for sting. There is no word yet on whether or not Isaiah Laing and Supreme promotions will be putting on Sting this year but if they are, Gully Bop and Khago might have to be the headliners so they could settle their differences there.

If there is no Sting then dancehall fans can lookout for both artistes releasing music going after each other.  Khago is no stranger to clash.  A few years ago he had a heated lyrical battle with Sizzla and some fans even claim that Khago won that battle.

Gully Bob is also not a walk over when it comes to lyrical clashes, so dancehall fans could be in or a real treat if Bop and Khago decide to take their feud into an all-out war.



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