Sizzla is not responsible for the fire in Bobo Hill, according to his manager.

Recently a fire was set to a property in Bobo Hill after a goat was seen on the property of one of the residents.  Bobo Hill in Jamaica is home to the Bobo Shanti or Bobo Ashanti and is known to be the strictest house of Rasta Fari. Unlike the Twelve Tribe house of Rasta, if which Bob Marley was a member, Bobo Ashanti do not eat meant.  So to raise goats on the property is forbidden and considered a disrespect to the trinity.

There have been rumors that Rasta artist, Sizzla, was the one behind the setting of the fire.

Homer Harris, the manager of Sizzla, wants the world to know that the artiste had absolutely nothing to do with the fire.  He said the people who are blaming Sizzla for the fire just want to tarnish and discredit the artiste’s image.

“For the record, Sizzla has no affiliation with the fire or any of the rumors that are circulating on social media in regards to the situation. If anything, these scrupulous individuals that have tried to defame and libel Sizzla’s character are doing so out of malicious and vindictive intent,” he told 18 Karat Reggae.

“Sizzla has been dedicated to the Rastafarian community and the upliftment of oppressed people since his first album,” he continued.

Over the years Sizzla has been known for his significant contributions to different Rasta movements not only in Jamaica but all over the world.

According to Mr. Harris, Sizzla also used his own money to build the tabernacle and administrative offices at Bobo Hill, Scotts Park and other Rasta establishments throughout Jamaica and around the world.

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