Spice says she is the queen of dancehall and the king is Vybz Kartel.

“You also do know that the king is incarcerated right?” That is the question Spice had for Beenie Man. Obviously she is talking about Vybz Kartel, who in her opinion is the real king of dancehall.

Beenie proclaimed himself to be the king of dancehall almost two decades ago. Vybz Kartel also proclaimed himself to be the king when he released an album called “King of the dancehall” not too long ago.

In a genre where sex, murder and mayhem trumps real talent, the fight is once again on over who is the king and queen of Dancehall.

When Beenie Man said that Spice has simply not done enough to sit in the throne vacated by Marion Hall formerly Lady Saw, it did not take long for Spice to hit back at Beenie Man.

Spice accuses Beenie Man of pretending to be the king of dancehall when the title truly belonged to Yellowman.  She also went on a rant of how Beenie Man has none nothing to uplift anyone in dancehall despite his years of being in the business.

“Unlike Bounty Killer who highlighted so many dancehall careers, what did you ever do for dancehall after so many years as the ‘king’? Not even a one girl yu never buss as a dancer much less, not even your own daughter, a Ding Dong haffie dweet,” Spice wrote.

Kartel also got into the fray by getting on his Instagram and referring to Spice as the queen.

Naturally with Kartel getting involved it did not take long for the Gaza fans to also get involved.  They too are lashing out at Beenie Man and referring to Kartel as the king and Spice is the queen.  Of course Gaza fans opinions mean nothing to Beenie Man as he once said that Vybz Kartel fans are idiots.


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