Vybz Kartel begs Alkaline for money in new song.

Vybz Kartel and Alkaline Vybz Kartel and Alkaline

In his new song titled Kremlin and produced by Rvssian, Vybz Kartel finds himself going after the vendetta boss for money Kartel feel is owed to him.

In the song Kartel demands that he should be paid by Alkaline because the younger deejay borrowed his style.

“Who borrow me style fi know say dem owe me pon the loan,” Kartel sings, an obvious jab at Alkaline.

It is strange that Vybz is begging Alkaline for money when 18 Karat Reggae just revealed a few weeks ago that is was Alkaline who paid Vybz Kartel’s legal fees for his upcoming appeal. Maybe Kartel figures that there must be more money where the legal fees came from, so he is calling out Alkaline publicly to hand over more cash.

The two deejays have been battling lyrically back and forth for much of 2017.  Dancehall fans are split on which of the two is the real world boss.

Gaza fans believe that Kartel was, is and will forever be the world boss.  Alkaline fans on the other hand believe that the younger deejay has taken over the title and Vybz Kartel has been relegated to jail boss.



It will be interesting to see if Alkaline will give more money to Kartel or if he will repay him with some more hot dis tracks instead.