Bob Marley’s Star was vandalized in retaliation for Ziggy Marley’s support of apartheid.

Earlier this week when the Bob Marley’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame was vandalized, people were wondering who would want to do something like that to Bob and the Marley family.  Who would want to deface a symbol that is meant to honor a man that was all about peace and love among humanity?

According to whispers on the streets and conversations in social media, the destruction of the star was not meant to tarnish Bob’s legacy, instead it was aimed at his son Ziggy Marley.  Two years ago Ziggy Marley came out in staunch support of apartheid Israel and that is something that did not sit well with lovers of justice and equal rights around the world.  In fact, many saw it as highly hypocritical that a man who claims to be a Rasta would support injustice, oppression and imperialism.

Ziggy Marley went as far as thumping his chest and saying, “I will always support Israel no matter what anyone says or does” in front of a cheering Zionist crowd in California.

So based on Ziggy’s words, the defamation of Bob’s star will not stop him from supporting oppression and colluding with the oppression but those who are anti-apartheid are letting their voices be heard.

Work has begun to repair the damage done to the Bob Marley star, according to Spokeswoman for the Walk of Fame ,Ana Martinez.

Martinez dubbed the vandalism as disgraceful and wondered why someone would want to desecrate something that honors a great man.  She went on to say that the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is currently investigating to find the perpetrators.

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