How Jamaicans feel about abortion.

Jamaican music and Jamaican living are tightly intertwined.  Whether it is the music that strongly influences Jamaica’s lifestyle or it is Jamaica’s lifestyle that is strongly depicted in the music, it all depends on who you ask.

If you love reggae or her unruly daughter, dancehall, then you will know that both genres have no tolerance for abortion.  Artists like I-Wayne, Capleton, Sizzla and Shabba Ranks all have anti-abortion songs.  It is even claimed that Bob Marley’s, “I shot the sheriff” is about abortion, mainly the part that says:  Every time I plant my seed, he says kill them before they grow.

So a young American lady and her 3-yrar-old daughter were on vacation in Jamaica when she found out she was pregnant.  She wanted an abortion as quick as possible because she already had a young daughter and was not financially prepared for another.

The young lady walked into a Jamaican abortion clinic carrying her two year old daughter in her arm and her two month old unborn child in her stomach. The doctor said to the lady, “Madam, we only perform abortion if the pregnancy is putting the mother’s life in danger.”

“Well this pregnancy does put me in a very tight spot”, said the lady, “I already have a child and financially my partner and I can only afford to support one child, so I need to get rid of this one I am carrying in my stomach.”

“That’s not one of the reasons for which I perform an abortion” said the doctor, “but I have something that will work just as well and I will not charge you for it.” The doctor then handed the lady a small vial.

“What is this?” The lady asked. “Let’s call it a medicine, give it to your precious two year old daughter when you get home and she will die Tomorrow, so you will get your wish and only have to provide for one child.”

This thinking might explain why Vybz Kartel’s wife will not abort her pregnancy for Mavado as reported by 18 Karat Reggae.

Abortion a nuh joke ting.




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