World Clash Moves to Canada, Ushers in New Sound Stars.

Irish and Chin broke the Internet recently when they announced that their forerunning event and brand, World Clash, is moving to Canada. But that’s not all that surprised clash fans, as the event’s promoters also implemented a whole new formula for the famed 19 year-old World Clash, which sees the clash now being held on the winner’s turf each year moving forward instead of New York, it’s long running home.

With the new formula in mind, the clash will be held on Saturday, October 14 in Toronto, Canada, home of defending champions King Turbo. Adding to the World Clash frenzy, news of the clash’s wild card, Poison Dart of Antigua, dropped and the option to watch the famed event via pay-per-view.

The anticipation of World Clash has been building for months now. Earlier in the year, Irish and Chin staged preliminary national clashes, aka Rumble Series competitions, in countries including Japan (Fujiyama), Canada (King Attarney), United States (Platinum Kids), United Kingdom (Platinum Cartel), and Germany (Northern Lights from Italy) to identify new sound stars. Namely, these are the talented sounds that will take to the World Clash stage to face off against King Turbo.

Rounding out the World Clash line up is Poison Dart. Because a Rumble competition was not staged this go ’round in the Caribbean, Antigua’s Poison Dart was nominated as the World Clash Caribbean representative. The addition has sparked a frenzy among clash fans! No matter the vibe…good…bad…and…ugly, the announcement has people talking!

The surprising move to Canada and the countries of future winners will allow greater international exposure of sound clash overall and the World Clash event, which celebrates it’s milestone 20th Anniversary next year. The change falls directly in line with the vision of Irish and Chin’s R.E.S.E.T (Restoring Exciting Sound System Entertainment Together) campaign, which was launched in 2012.

In their unyielding role of preserving Jamaica’s beloved sound system culture, Irish and Chin, who is celebrating their 20th Anniversary all year long, has evolved as the world’s most recognized promoters of sound clash. World Clash, their revered brand, which has been dubbed as the super bowl of sound clash, promises to be an event of epic proportions this October in Canada.

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