Funeral for Frankie Paul set for June 10.

The late great Frankie Paul will be laid to rest on Saturday, June 10, at a church located on the premises of Ardenne High School in St Andrew. The funeral service is scheduled to start at 10am.

The singer’s sister, Tisha Clarke, confirmed the burial arrangements.

“He will be buried in Dovecot Memorial Park in St Catherine. The repast will be at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in St Andrew after,” said Clarke.

Frankie Paul who had been ill for a while lost a leg to diabetes in 2016 and died of renal failure on May 18.

Born in 1965, Frankie Paul’s given name was Paul Blake. Blind from birth, his early life was spent at the Salvation Army School for the Blind. He had lived in the West African country of The Gambia since 1994 and returned to Jamaica late last year.

He is known for hits including Sara, Cassanova, I Know The Score, Worries In The Dance, and Pass The Kushunpeng.


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