Vybz Kartel hates Popcaan for his success.

Popcaan, Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee Popcaan, Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee

It is no secret in the dancehall community that Popcaan and Vybz Kartel are not on the best of terms. Many believed it was a loyalty issue, as Popcaan did not seem to be there for Vybz Kartel when he was going through his hardships, specifically, the murder trial and subsequent conviction.

Popcaan is now revealing the real reason for the break up between him and Vybz Kartel. According to the unruly one, Vybz Kartel is just jealous and envious of Popcaaan’s success. The world boss can’t stand the fact that is former prefect has progressed past him.

“Since I have been around Vybz Kartel, a lot of people used to hate Vybz Kartel, but he stayed on top. I learn that lesson from him and that is why he, Vybz Kartel, hates Popcaan today. I will forever be on top … because I learn that from him,” Popcaan said.

Popcaan is currently one of the most successful dancehall artists and even have one of his songs featured in a popular Coco-cola commercial.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence for murder.